A Busy Month (Brief)

Disclaimer: So much has happened in the last month that I need to significantly summarize my post.

I’m way behind on my content here in this blog, and it’s because of my tight schedule. Workload in the office was too much as we had to clear our immense backlog, and I’ve been participating in gaming events in the weekend — be it as a writer or as an organizer.

In that regard, I was tasked to act as the Dragon Nest GMPGL 5-9 temporary head marshal last September 21 since my boss was sick. To be honest, everything that happened was all too hazy; I was running around the net cafe to assist players; I was coordinating with marshals from nine other branches; and I was watching the games to use for my write-up’s content. Nonetheless, I interacted with players more than I would as a trainee. Deciding on the go and addressing unforeseeable problems was a challenge that I was glad to overcome as well. Delays and lags were standard as with the previous DN GMPGL tournaments. In game issues were so problematic that we finished the tournament at 4:30 AM (we started at 1:00 PM in the previous day)! Here’s my recap for the event.

Then last Sunday, I assisted in the DotA GMPGL 5-9 Class A and Class S tournament, which was new to me since I am designated to Dragon Nest. Of course, DotA has been my staple game for many years now, so I had the enthusiasm to join. The pressure permeated throughout the day though, as we were dealing with the top teams in the scene. You had to watch their games carefully and assist them promptly. Missing out any detail can spell controversy, and I certainly didn’t want to be a part of that. Our team didn’t encounter too much problems though since the players already knew what to do. And by 10:30 PM, we already crowned a champion. Congrats to Wrath of Olympus, by the way!

There are other things that I’ve done in the tournament, such as taking pictures, handing out freebies, and compiling information for the MPGL Year End Awards. The whole day was exhausting, but you forget all of that when your boss tells you that you’ve done a great job. The games were highly competitive as well (I have the replays with me and I’ll share them when I can), so being on the sidelines wasn’t a bore at all.

All of my efforts weren’t wasted though, as I was informed that my previous blog post is going to be published at Tweak Magazine and that it won a prize from MSI – Steelseries. Had a chance to play GTA V as well and I’m about to apply for grad school in the following days. My brother just got a place on his own, and its only a matter of months before my mom comes home to the Philippines. And finally, my girlfriend is in Singapore right now for work, and she said that the trip has been successful. I’m thankful and proud for the opportunities she’s been having as of late.

All right. I’m out! Thanks!


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