The Steelseries Siberia V2 Full Headset

I had a chance to purchase The Secret Shop’s Steelseries Bundle last July. The promo included the Kinzu V2 Mouse, the Shift Cataclysm Keyboard, the Qck Mousepad, and the Siberia V2 Full Headset. If you missed the promo, don’t fret. The Secret Shop has released yet another bundle, this time from Razer, available at P9,999. Check this link for more info.


The Steelseries Siberia V2 Full Headset

Steelseries’ reputation in making exceptional gaming peripherals have broadened in the past years. Their promise of providing the best keyboards, mice, and headsets has always delivered, and now, they’re back with the Siberia V2 Full Headset — an upgrade of the Iconic Siberia headset series. The Siberia V2 packs a powerful 50mm audio driver that amplifies game music and ambient sound effects. This means that footsteps, explosions and other sound effects that aren’t normally noticed can be heard without much effort.

The Steelseries Siberia V2 Full Headset is readily available in tech stores around the metro. At the time of writing, it is priced at P4,999.

Product Specs


Image taken from Steelseries’ website.

Out of the box

The packaging of this product is superb as expected. The product came with the headset, a 2 meter extension cord, and a pamphlet of Steelseries’ products. I’m surprised to discover that the box came with no stickers, but it’s not a huge deal since I had three more.

Look and feel of the headset?

The headset is light and you can carry it without problems at all. Also, the 2 meter extension cord makes it easy to use at any distances. It has a glossy finish and is made of plastic, though it doesn’t feel cheap. Mine has an orange finish, making it an attractive desk piece. Although I don’t bring it outside too often as I feel that it may attract unwarranted attention.

The Siberia V2 has two support beams: The foam piece on the inferior side adjusts to any head size. When I first saw it, I thought that it may break easily, especially the wires attacked to it. But after a month of usage, the wires have proven to be sturdy and flexible. The support bar on the superior side is the one that actually keeps the earpieces together. It’s made of plastic wires that are both flexible and sturdy, which is perfect for long hours of usage.

The highlight of the headset is its retractable unidirectional mic. It’s made from flexible wires covered with a plastic sheet, which is consistent with the headset’s flexible and sturdy nature. You can keep the mic hidden if you’re not using it, thereby protecting the piece and clears some space for your face when you’re not talking to anyone.

The earpieces, despite being made from leather, are really comfortable and fit perfectly with my ear. They do get warm after wearing the headset for a considerable amount of time, and I can feel the draft entering my ear upon removing the headset.

One thing that I love about this headset is that you don’t need to adjust the headset every so often.  I can wear it for hours when gaming without feeling any discomfort.  The foam piece that I mentioned previously is a huge reason to that. It’s light weight also comes into play in this aspects. It is true that you can actually forget that you have the headset on when you wear it for several minutes.

The passive noise-cancellation lives up to expectations, as I can’t virtually hear anything aside from what’s playing on your device when you have this headset on. This is great for indoor use, but again, not so much for outdoors (especially when you’re travelling in the city or anywhere that requires you to pay more attention).

Sound Quality

Sound quality is extremely clear on gaming. I testify to other tester’s remarks that you can literally hear your character’s footsteps while being surrounded with other sounds. The mic is very clear as well and doesn’t overwhelm the background music when you’re chatting with someone. I do have to make a note about the unidirectional mic for first-time buyers of this kind of headset though. When you speak into the mic, you’ll only hear your voice on the side of the microphone (in this case, it’s in the left). When you record your voice and play it back, you should hear your voice on both earpieces. It got me a little startled when I used the headset for the first time, so there you go!

The sound quality remains superb when playing music as well. I mainly listen to rock and other music that falls on the genre, and this headset is so clear that you can conveniently single out the different instruments playing in the background. As for movies, sound quality is not as stellar, but it’s still good.

I almost forgot to mention that there is a control piece for the volume halfway through the cord. It also functions as a mic switch that you can easily slide to toggle on and off. It’s a standard for most headsets nowadays and has no extraordinary function, but it’s still noteworthy nonetheless.

One thing I noticed is that the bass tends to be loud on some occasions, so you might be surprised when you suddenly hear loud explosions when you’re playing you’re game. It doesn’t happen too much though.

Gaming Impact

I bought this headset mainly for gaming. The noise-cancelling features and sound quality really help me to be immersed with the game I’m. I tested the product on Dota 2 and Dragon Nest. For Dota 2, assessing enemy actions and feeling the map became easier as the then-inaudible sound effects are now ambient. For Dragon Nest, the game’s graphics become chaotic at times, so you have to rely on sound to guide your movements. The Siberia V2 delivers on that end, as I can easily hear the sound of my animations.

The mic as I’ve mentioned is very convenient to use, and little background noise leaks when I’m talking to my team mates. The headset has made audio communication much easier for me as well. I can easily bend the mic to accommodate my mouth for clarity and volume.

And finally, the form factor wins it all. The headset is extremely comfortable in long gaming sessions, save for the leather earpiece that becomes warm after prolonged use. And as previously mentioned, the headset fits into any head size and there are times that I forget that I’m wearing it.

Final Thoughts

The Siberia V2 Full Headset is truly one of the best, if not the best, headsets that you can find in this price category. With an SRP of P4,999, you already have a gaming headset that is stylish, easy to use, and durable enough to handle your intense gaming sessions. Or if you are simply an audiophile, this headset is more than enough to satisfy your earbuds. 4.5 out of 5.

Pros and cons

+ Lightweight and easy to carry

+ Retractable and flexible unidirectional mic

+ Voice is clear with little to no noise leaks

+ Passive noise-cancelling features allows you to focus on your game

+ Fits in any head size

+ Amazing reach with 1m cable + 2m extension cord

– A bit bulky when bringing outdoors

– Earpiece leather gets warm after some time

– Bass gets too loud at times


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