Inside Eyes: The MSI Beat It! Overdrive Reloaded

I’ve been involved in the eSports industry for quite some time now, but the MSI Beat It! Overdrive Reloaded is actually the first mall event wherein I got an inside scoop. To summarize the event, I call it insane. For a clearly-defined meaning of the summary, here’s what happened over the weekend.

I arrived at 8:00 AM at the event area on day two. I was assigned to handle Dragon Nest and was ready for the flock of players that will come in less than three hours. Seeing that I don’t have much to do yet, I snagged some pictures; the then-empty area actually had a different vibe coming off of it. It seems that the computers are luring me to turn them on and use them to play. Didn’t do it of course. 😛





I also felt some pride and joy that the tournament gaming gears are what I use at home. I guess I can confirm that I made that right choice in buying my gears from Steelseries!

As I surveyed the area, I chanced upon the Riggers’ booth at the posterior portion. I am immediately in awe of the outrageously modded tower cases that were being paraded. Equally awe-inspiring are the parts that were used to build the rigs. My favorite had to be the Spyder, the Dragon Stryker, and the Project Angel Mini.


The Dungeon Stryker is the house of that Gundam.Image

Minions working hard inside the Project Angel Mini.


The Spyder looks very much like an Arachnid that it can start walking on its six legs.

Of course, the moment of silence was gone, as people started to flood the area at around 10 AM. I immediately went to my post and started to attend to the players. The ghost town that was the SM Annex Event area turned into a sea of gamers waiting to play in their respective tournaments and spectators viewing the tournament-under-the-spotlight.

MSI Beat It King Jeremy

Before I knew, the games were already in full swing. And in case you didn’t know, six games headlined this year’s MSI Beat It!. They were: Avatar Star, Dragon Nest, Starcraft 2, Mercenary Online, CS:GO, and Dota 2. The Assault Fire qualifiers were also played in the event area, but it wasn’t included in the list of games that MSI hosted.

What I love about eSports in general is the passion that spectators show in every game. One move sends a roaring cheer from the crowd that either makes or breaks a gamer’s focus. I was thrilled to have seen that from the viewers of the event. I was particularly happy with the Dragon Nest and Mercenary crowds. You could say that these games were the least anticipated titles pre-tournament but the fans proved otherwise.


The members of ANBU from Mercenary Online proudly displaying their banner.


The members of ANBU cheering for their fellow members in exaltation. 

MSI Beat It King Jeremy

The focused look of the DN 1v1 participants says it all.

MSI Beat It King Jeremy

The DN 1v1 first runner up and champion.

Aside from the games in the entirety of the event, celebrities, gamers and non-gamers alike, were present. Fnatic’s H4nni and Trixi were there throughout the three days and didn’t grow tired despite the hundreds of photos they took with fans. They participated in the first game of the All-Star match, wherein they both went to opposing teams; and in the two versus two match against Julz and Jo Tan. They lost in the two versus two match, but their Mirana-Pudge duo put on quite a show for the fans. H4nni was also the fifth man in Team Bimbo in the show match against Student’s League champions FEUISBACK.

MSI Beat It King Jeremy Fnatic’s H4nni and Trixi striking a pose with a fan.


 They then went up against…


We were also lucky to witness Miss Donnalyn Bartolome’s beauty, wit, and charm. I can honestly say that she is passionate on what she does. She was all out in her performance numbers (and she performed A LOT) and even let her fans into the stage even though they can’t enter the premises. In fact, she was so busy attending to her fans that I couldn’t even get close to her to take a picture! Nonetheless, here is a clip of her performance of Bruno Mars’ Treasure together with some of her fans.

Another guy that I was impressed with is Eri Neeman, popular to many as Boy Back Up. He made the mall event completely entertaining with his stand-up jokes and his funny interviews with viewers and gamers alike. He also did well in highlighting the games even though there were so many of them. He even introduced H4nni and Trixi to the Pinoy Dota culture by teaching them some Pinoy trash talk.

Here’s a small sample of what he did last weekend.

What I really enjoyed looking at in the event area, despite the myriad of side activities that took place, are the computers and laptops. Steelseries had their own booth in the area. Obviously MSI showcased their powerful PC that no geek could resist. When I think about it, it’s amazing that we’ve come so far that laptops can already play high-end games. If I recall correctly, the Racing Sim booth ran on MSI’s top tier laptop. It used three screens, which was virtually impossible a couple of years ago!






Steelseries was also a monster in handing out freebies and prizes to everyone. All of the champions received gaming gears from them that they can use to push their game into new levels. There was even one lucky lady who won a Steelseries Bundle by just texting a promo code!


Getting gaming gears worth 12k for free? I’d take that any day!

Despite the crazy schedule and jam-packed crowds, the winners were awarded and prizes were given away. Here are the winners of the above-mentioned tournaments.


Starcraft 2 Champion: Pacific.Steelheart


Dragon Nest Champion: Kai Iledan


Avatar Star Online Champion: CN Gaming


Mercenary Online Champion: ANBU 1


CS:GO Champion: TNC Gaming


Dota 2 Champion: Dreamz2Ledion

I could go on and on about the side events and the games that were held in those three days, but it will take me forever to highlight each of them. What I can say is that MSI brought gamers and tech-enthusiasts closer. They also opened our industry to those who don’t know or don’t understand. And for that, I give MSI, Steelseries, and the other sponsors that made the event possible a huge round of applause. There were some setbacks and unforeseen problems, but everything was well worth the effort. If you missed the event, that’s okay because I am certain that MSI Beat It! will be back next year, and it’s going to be bigger and better! I can’t wait!


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