Pubstomp at Mineski Infinity Taft

Pizza, booze, and games. If this combination doesn’t make a perfect weekend for a gamer, I don’t what a perfect weekend is. I just came from Mineski Infinity Taft’s Pubstomp and I was fully satisfied! I had a chance to interact with fellow Dota 2 players as well as Mineski’s staff, whose energy and excitement were infectious. I even played a game with Tryke, one half of the most explosive casters in the Philippines, and went against Jhoven. If you don’t know who this guy is, shame on you!


At least thirty people were in the so-called adult eSports entertainment, so we felt VIP’s in MI Taft’s studio area. A wide projector stood in the middle of the room in which I thought was going to ruin my viewer experience. I was luckily seating directly in front of the screen. The image above doesn’t justify that though. Still had to take one for documentation!

The first game that we watched — games were being held simultaneously, so we had to choose — was between Mousesports and Zenith. As divided as the Eastern and Western Dota scenes, the folks opinion on whose gonna crush who was split. Most of them are very vocal about it too, me included. And when you’re with hotheaded highly passionate people, you have to walk the talk. Rhom asserted that we put our money on the line if we’re that confident of our teams. And just like that, we got bets rolling! I naturally joined in the fun, placed 100 pesos on Mousesports for two games and fortunately broke even.


It was only a matter of time when people felt the booze kicking in. Some went home . The majority, though — Mineski CEO’s included — played some games. As I mentioned, I played a game with Tryke and went up against Jhoven. It wasn’t my best performance because of 50% alcohol and 50% being awestruck. We managed to snag a win nonetheless, but I’m pretty sure Jhoven was only doing some fan service. 🙂



So that sums up the Pubstomp! If you missed the fun, you can still join next week when the TI3 reaches the playoffs. I’m sure it’s going to be more fun and more intense. And I’m going to be there too. Still, my day’s not yet over. It’s actually just starting. I’m hosting the 15th installment of the Bus Yan! DotA 1 tournament, and I’m writing this as I’m waiting for players to arrive. Hope I don’t doze off during the games!




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