You’re on the Right Track

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I’m amazed at how the most recent events in my life coincide with the Daily Prompt’s topics.

My girlfriend is a real estate broker. Meeting clients and agents is part of her everyday tasks, and she’s extremely well at what she does. In fact, after barely a year of working in the field, she’s already breaking quotas and has been a consistent top performer in the company. What’s more amazing is that she didn’t have any sales trainings nor educational background — she is a BS Nursing degree holder. Some might say that her success was handed to her because she’s working with her mom, the senior sales director of the same company, but I saw her work firsthand. She does everything by herself and doesn’t need the help of her mom or anybody for that matter. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when she was promoted to sales manager.

Moving to a higher position entails more responsibility however. Aside from generating sales, she also has a team of agents under her. And that is where her problem as of late lies.

She talked to me last night, and I sensed the frustration in her. Her agents aren’t well-trained, which means that she has to do the heavy lifting for her team. That also meant that she has to go to client presentations in behalf of her agents, trainings, meetings, and other appointments. And when she gets home, she still has to make e-mails, calls to several personnel. She enjoys doing these tasks though, but she feels that she’s the only one working in her team. Now, the questions arise, “Am I on the right track? Why am I working hard for my agents when it should be the other way around?”

You see, my girlfriend is as highly concerned of her career as many young professionals out there. She vented out her frustrations, e.g. her mom’s ways don’t match with her beliefs, the agents heavily lack training, the company’s system is broken in itself, etc. And she still had to meet one client in her agent’s behalf. I didn’t have anything significant to contribute, as I know nothing of real estate and salesmanship. I do know however that what she’s doing is extremely impressive and admirable. I do know that she is an indispensable part of the company. And I do know that she is on the right track in her career.

I confided her as any good partner does and assured her that she’s doing just fine. I also told her that she doesn’t need to hurry because she hasn’t scratch the surface of real estate yet. She still has a lot to learn — we all do — and she should take the problems she sees as part of the learning experience. In the end, my speech reassured her a bit and she was back on her determined stance to be the best sales professional that she could be.

Mahal, I’m very proud of you and what you’re doing right now. Problems are there, and they will keep coming at you. But I know that your resolve and determination is mightier than those trivial things. Use those tools to achieve even more success. I love you!

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