Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing

Workplace Browsing

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To quickly get to the point, I want to ask: How does Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing affect your productivity? The question has been answered countless times already, with many studies supporting WILB as an acceptable workplace practice. But most of them are done by companies, organizations and whatnot. It’s cool to read data and numbers, but I’m hoping to read some real opinions on the matter.

I am also eager to know your company’s policy on WILB and how you deal with it. If the company you’re working for allows it, how do you space your work and leisure time to meet your expected production? And if the company you’re working for doesn’t allow it, how does it affect the environment of the workplace?

This blog might be residing in the nether reaches of the internet, but I do hope that someone will read this and shed some light on the matter.


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