MA Journalism: Plans in Detail

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If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MASTERY.

I wrote about this matter before, but I didn’t talk about the details of the subjects I want to study. Going to that point, I listed the probable courses that I would take (hopefully this September, but this seems very unlikely because I haven’t saved enough money yet) and the reasons why I would want to take them. These courses are offered by the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, a premier Journalism and Communication Arts graduate school in the country.

AIJC has a ladderized program, which means that when you earn units from your Graduate Certificate Program, you automatically qualify for the Graduate Diploma Program and the Master Diploma Program subsequently, or so I understand. The curriculum dictates that I have to take 15 units in the Graduate Certificate Program, 12 units in the Diploma Program, and another 12 units in the Master Diploma Program for a total of 39 units. I have to note however that I must take an additional 12 units because my undergraduate degree is not in the field of communication (which I talked about countless times already). This makes a total of 51 units.

Six units in each program are for foundation courses; the Graduate Certificate program has nine. The remaining units are elective subjects. I’ve already listed my possible elective subjects, but I can’t discuss them in detail yet because I’m notorious in changing plans every so often. I haven’t decided on the 12 additional units as well.

These 51 units will take two years to finish, which is exactly what I’m expecting. The main issue for me however is whether I can balance having a day job, pursuing my eSports career, studying, and my personal life. When I enter grad school, I’m heavily considering to stop working for a while just until I get a grip on my schedule. Although that’s going to be hard because I have bills to pay. I can’t just ask for money, can I? I digress. Moving on!

My goal is to master the basic concepts that surround Journalism; I’ve had no formal training in this ground except for my English units in college. I do study in my free time and observe the practice of some journalists, but I consider my skills to be extremely unrefined and need a ton of polishing. I also tend to focus on online journalism, as I feel that online media, no matter how advanced it is, can still go further and it would be insane to push against that wave. I am also keen on their Photojournalism course. I have long despised being in front of the camera and haven’t really considered the power of pictures in storytelling until recently. And finally, I want to improve my research skills and my ability to make value judgment calls.

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7 thoughts on “MA Journalism: Plans in Detail

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  3. You can do it, kurisuchan-san! i only hope i have the courage now to do what you’re doing. dreams expire, i think. so, start pursuing them NOW. :))

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