Pride, Peace, and People

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Some people think that they don’t need help to achieve anything. This miniscule perspective permeated throughout my teenage years, and I thought that my intellect and perseverance made me better than everyone else. I’ve always longed for independence and was too proud to ask for help for anyone, no matter how much I needed their help. Pride would ultimately be the cause of my many misfortunes that broke me down on my knees. And it took a lot from me to get it out of my system.

My pride got me into all sorts of troubles and was the cause of failed relationships and broken friendships. I literally lost connection to my closest friends because I was disregarding their thoughts and feelings. Pride also severed my ties with my family. There I was, the all-knowing kid, who believed that he can will everything to his command and can do what he wants without approval. This immature grandiosity and assumption of omnipotence ignited the conflicts between me and my father that pushed me to run away from home for a couple of weeks, only to come back feeling apathetic and disconnected to him.

I wish I could recall all of the incidents that pride got me into, but my memory represses them. Today, I’ve realized that the people around you, especially your significant others, are there to ease your suffering and to be your anchor through tough times. Thinking that they are merely tools or hindrances to what you can truly accomplish is illogical, selfish, and plain wrong. It took me years to realize that thought, but I’m happy that I learned about it nonetheless.

Right now, I am in the process of mending fences with my estranged friends. I’ve gotten closer to my family over time and our communication is more open than before — a bond that I wish to strengthen further. I want to show my appreciation to my parents while I still have the time.

It feels so good to be at peace with others and with yourself.


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