A Note of Gratitude

When you live in Manila, floods are part of your everyday live. I’ve grown accustomed to it along with the selfishness of people who are hurrying to get to their destinations. I act the same way, so I’m in no position to judge.


I was reminded to change my way of thinking this morning however. As I was heading home, I discovered that our street was flooded. The water was ankle-deep, so I had no choice but to get on the water and soak my pants. As I was removing my shoes and preparing for the flood water siege, a tricycle driver headed my way. I moved to let him pass, but instead, he let me ride his trike and dropped me on my house. I tried to pay him for the fare, but he politely refused and went on his way.

Now, the story may sound simple, but the fact that there are still people who lend a hand in this country is relieving. Murders, robberies, and dirty politicians plague the news daily, that I began losing hope that the country would prosper. This has definitely returned some hope back to my spirit.

I wish we can all appreciate these little acts of kindness and reflect positivity and goodwill to our peers. I know I’m falling short in this aspect lately, but I’m trying to catch up.

Note: for those who don’t know, a tricycle is a common  mode of transportation in the Philippines. It is made of a motorcycle attached to a wagon with wheels and can get you anywhere.


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