The Weekend in Retrospect

I was about to write a post on time and other metaphysical stuff, but I can’t muster the wisdom to do so. Instead, I’m going to do a run-down on what happened last weekend, which I blogged previously.

Saturday: a trip to the recording studio


At the studio’s control area.

Nope, I did not sing today. My best friend, who aspires to be a singer, wanted to submit a video for this The Voice PH campaign (as mentioned before). He is an extremely well singer; but if there’s something I have learned in the music industry, it’s that your voice can only take you so far. To make it in the industry, you’ll have to be creative, passionate, and aggressive. I’ll save myself from digressing. Let’s go back to the story now.

Before we headed to the studio, I can sense his confidence. He believes that recording is going to be easy-peasy because he’s done it countless times. So off we go to the studio, head up high and full of optimism. We arrived, talked to the producers and got ourselves going. But once he started to sing…

His confidence shriveled. He was standing there, hitting flat notes that he doesn’t usually do when he sings in the bathroom. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, which made him look awkward as the videographer was filming him. What complicated this further is that everything must be done in one take. The contest was keeping a close eye (or ear) to their singing voice, so we avoided editing of any form. He planned to record six songs and couldn’t even finish one. It took us an hour to record his first song, and the results were okay. We couldn’t do much with it as we were bounded by time. The recording fees are P1,000 per hour and he only had P2,000. Sucks to not have a job.

As we went to his second song, I told him that his repertoire was very challenging and that he won’t be able to do any of it properly because he’s tired. Of  course, we are in no position to back out. And since we already secured his contest piece, we moved on. Things got harder from this point because…

He hasn’t got any of the songs memorized.

This would’ve worked if he was not video recording. Reading the lyrics in front of the camera is very unappealing and boring to watch. You focus on delivering the lines rather than delivering the message, thus you fail to connect with your audience. Add the fact that these songs are classics (You Are Not Alone, It Might Be You, among others) makes not memorizing them close to sin. In the end, he sang Kahit Kailan by Side A but barely made a good take as he is too tired to hit the high notes.

As we went home, it felt like we failed on so many parts. I do however know my friend well and know that he will take his shortcomings like a man. I’ve always looked up to his patience and ability to cope with bad situations, and this event was one of them. He was even excited to go back to recording; this time, more prepared, more relaxed, and more confident.

Sunday: went to Mineski Las Pinas for the Bus Yan! DotA 1 weekly tournament 

Mineski LP

Mineski Infinity Las Pinas at 7:00 AM

Note: I’m not going to discuss about the tournament proper and how the matches went down here.

After a few hours of sleep, I packed my things and went to Las Pinas at 7:00 in the morning. I arrived at the venue at around 8:00 in the morning. There was no one present save for the shop attendants. The tournament starts at 10:00 AM, but marshals have to come two hours prior to the event to prepare. But since I have all my materials with me, I had nothing to do so I wandered for almost an hour. My co-marshal clocked in at around 9:00 AM and I got to play some games with him.

It was already 10:00 AM when our head marshal arrived — the usual for them. By this time, some teams have started to register in the tournament, which will start at 12 noon or until we have 10 teams ready. Teams started to go in, but at 12:00 PM, we only had eight teams. Seeing that we can’t wait longer, we started the tournament at 1:00 PM.

This point was the hardest for me. I have a hard time asserting my authority as a marshal, which can be deadly as there are cunning players who are willing to do what it takes to get ahead. This is why the Events Team placed us in such minor tournaments; handling major events will entail a lot of responsibility and can go awry if we fail to manage the participants. As usual, I roamed around the venue as my co-marshal instructed the players on what they can and what they can’t do.

To contribute something, I decided to take pictures and do data entry (brackets, posting on forums, printing forms). I’m glad to say that this event went better than the first one. Teams were on time, save for a few. And our head marshal trusted us to handle the whole event on our own, so I had a chance to facilitate the game even though my co-marshal did most of the work.

The event was done at 8:00 PM. After we awarded the winners, we packed our bags and went home.


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