A Busy Weekend Ahead

As if a 40-hour work week is enough, I have a hectic schedule ahead of me for the next two days. I’m going to assist my long time friend in his The Voice PH campaign this afternoon. I do hope he qualifies for the competition, as he’s going to spend P2000 to record a single song (which is actually cheap, but not for someone who recently got his license and has no job). Before that, I need to watch the GEST IDC July DotA and make a recap out of it. While the tournament isn’t heavily featured at Mineski, it’s a huge deal for me because my boss implied that I have a chance to be an editor. Not raising my hopes up nor expecting anything, but one thing’s for sure: I must nail this assignment hard.

And on Sunday, I’m going to be a marshall at the weekly Busyan! tournament. I was assigned at Mineski Las Pinas, which would have been advantageous for me if I were still living in Cavite. The call time is before 9 AM so I won’t catch a southbound bus in those hours on a Sunday. I guess it’s time to pay a visit to my family; haven’t seen them in a month.

My participation in the Busyan! tournament is part of my ongoing training as a member of the Mineski Events Team. The tournament will be held throughout the day, as with the previous installments, and will require us to be on our best almost all the time. Especially me since this is only my second time overseeing a tournament or any event for that matter. I have a few concerns about the setup of the tournament, but I can’t reveal anything as I’m still observing. I might break some confidentiality agreements as well, so I’m going to reserve the matter for future posts.

I’m going to sleep although just for awhile. There’s too much work but I’m not complaining!


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