Going to Grad School

After I made the decision to switch careers and pursue journalism, finding work was tough. I expected that but I almost gave up, which made me consider getting an MD. I’ve worked as a freelance web content writer while I was studying though, but the projects I held came sporadically and I felt that I had no real job experience. It’s hard to be proud at my line of work too, especially when I found out that my pieces are signed under different names (this is normal in web content writing).

Months passed, and I am now working as an editor for an SEO company in Makati. Yes, I bear the title of being an editor, but I didn’t feel that it’s justified. For one, I thought I was hired because the department badly needed people. And because I could “write” — not because I’m a skilled writer — they took me in. I started as a junior writer, by the way, and got promoted after a couple of months. I didn’t think that validated my career as well because I had no real competition when they were looking for candidates.

And then it hit me. I was being cynical about my proficiency because I still feel an outsider despite already having foot on the industry. The remedy to the problem is be a legit journalist, even if it means studying again. I considered taking another four year course, but after doing some research online, I found out that I can enroll in the graduate program that is unrelated to my bachelor’s degree. I have to finish extra units though — a sacrifice that I’m willing to take.

I’ve decided almost half a year ago, but never really acted on it. The opportunity is here however. After lurking on several forums and blogs, I discovered that the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication offers graduate programs that caters to several professionals in education, public information, and journalism, among others. I already called them a few days ago and talked to Miss Vergie/Virgie (not sure) who was very accommodating. The 2013 school year is currently on its first trimester. Hopefully, I can enroll before the second trimester starts on October. I have to save for my tuition fee, which means that my Razer Kraken Pro and Razer Naga Hex will have to wait. 🙂

I feel that I’m starting to carve a good path for my career. I wish I could fully commit to this endeavor though.


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