Starting a Career on E-Sports (Dilemmas and Whatnot)

I think I mentioned somewhere in this blog that I love video games. Hence, the idea of having a career on e-Sports never eluded me. I have to put my studies in my priorities though, so I never got to follow the Philippine eSports scene intensively back then. Now that I have a job and moved out of the house (more about that later), the idea became more concrete.

And the opportunity came. Last May 27, the top eSports organization in the country, Mineski, announced that they are searching for writers among other job positions. I applied without hesitation. After a few days, a person named RJ contacted me and invited me to attend their general assembly. I went to the general assembly of course and that’s that. I’m part of Mineski now. I’m finally in the circle.

Before I forget, I was assigned to gather some news for Dragon Nest SEA, which is quite popular here. I’ve been gathering news about the game for a couple of weeks now. And that’s where my problem is. You see, Dragon Nest is an MMORPG, which means that it has both PVE and PVP aspects. This is the least competitive game hosted by Mineski in their GMPGL tournament series. Therefore, I can’t find news about roster changes or related tournaments simply because there is none. And I had to rely on international versions of the game to find game updates, which makes my outputs bland and repetitive. I managed to hit my quota, but there are times where I had to force news even though the story isn’t even that big.

I got a small break when I covered a story on the DN GMPGL 5-6. Because Dragon Nest isn’t put under the spotlight, it was quite refreshing to see a detailed story about the tournament. Of course, that faded easily and I was back to scraping whatever news I can find on forums and fan sites.

After some time, I earned the permission to write news about Dota 2, the hottest MOBA game right now. I had extensive experience in playing the game but was never really updated until recently. But I can say that it’s much enjoyable because I get to watch games and make a short recap about them. The only catch is that the games coincide with my work most of the time. So while my body is working at the office, my mind is concerned about the games. That separation of focus made my write-ups generic to say the least.

Well, it’s only my first month working with Mineski, so I still have the jitters. These are the times that I have to step up though to prove my worth to the organization. They are a cool crowd, yes; but they are extremely unforgiving and relentless when you make mistakes (esp. constantly). This is a hard job, but I’m having fun through it all.


2 thoughts on “Starting a Career on E-Sports (Dilemmas and Whatnot)

  1. i think it's awesome that you get to write about something you love. that's the key to never running out of ideas for your material: to write about something you're passionate about. i'm curious to know who your favorite character is in dota 2, what role you play in your team, and why you like your fave hero so much. another blog post? 🙂 hahaha

  2. wow, thanks a lot for the kind words! to answer your question, i don't have a single favorite hero, as i find many of them amazing. i play the hard support, which means that i die most of the time for my team to win and the occasional initiator. it seems that i really have to make a blog post for this. haha! 🙂

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