There Goes My Weekend

There I was, ending a seemingly normal Friday. My girlfriend and I had plans to go to a friend’s party, as he recently passed the board exam. Before I went, I decided that I needed to withdraw money. No biggie; that’s part of my weekend routine.

But, something wasn’t right as I was approaching the teller machine. It wasn’t the machine that I have normally used. Right away, I sensed something wrong with that piece of technology. The way it’s isolated from the street is eerie. Nonetheless, I fed the card into it. Here, things started to crash. The machine was lagging horribly. It took me five minutes just to get into the log-in screen. I didn’t mind that — it was too late to back out anyway…

After I placed my information, the machine watched idly by. The monitor was mocking me. It said, “Processing transaction. Please wait,” even though it’s catatonic. At this point, I knew in my gut that the card’s gone. Nada. I have no money left in my wallet, by the way. All of my money’s in that account, and I didn’t even know if I can still get it.

Judgment has come.

The monitor abruptly screamed, “CARD CAPTURED!” I was petrified for about a split second. How the hell can I go home now? It’s a good thing that I was with my workmate, so she lent me some cash. Thank you so much! Of course, the problem was still at large. Not knowing what to do, I just took the receipt from the machine

I rushed home and immediately called the bank. Now, I’m not used to this kind of stuff. I rarely talk to someone over the phone, with the exception of some close friends. I went through the automated call center stuff. I didn’t even know where my problem’s category was. I picked the “Lost/Stolen Card” category, as my card was stolen in a way. My call was received right away, and I was transferred to the right department.

I knew that I had to give some information. I remember that I saved my details on my email. Such a relief! The customer service girl was really nice. She recommended that I block the card first, talk to the HR (since I had a payroll account), and have my card replaced. She also reported that my money’s still there, which was all I cared for at that moment.

I ended the call, and had to cancel my appointments for the whole weekend. Nice.

I’m new to the corporate world, so I haven’t had much experience in ATM’s, banking, and the like. Here are some of the things I learned from this tiny incident:

1. GET THE RECEIPT! Okay, I didn’t need this (yet). But, it serves as evidence, so do it to be safe.
2. KEEP YOUR COOL. As it turns out, your money is secured even though your ATM’s captured or lost. Hurray for banks!
3. CREATE AN ACCOUNT SEPARATE FROM YOUR PAYROLL ACCOUNT. This I have to do really soon. It’s a hassle for me to have two separate accounts even though many recommend this. I see its importance now.
4. CUSTOMER SERVICE REALLY DOES HELP (hopefully). Forgive my ignorance on this one. I’ve read many personal accounts that bash CS and CS reps. I now think those are isolated cases. Most of them are exceptionally helpful!
5. APPRECIATE YOUR FRIENDS/WORKMATES. Would’ve been stuck together with that piece of monster if it weren’t for them.

I will update this soon, as I still have to talk to the HR to fully resolve this thing. Hopefully, no unexpected twists happen. 😀


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