Love Series: Part 2

Stalker* vs Secret Admirer

This topic is actually funny to me mainly because of the reactions I get whenever we talk about it. I’ve had quite a number of female acquaintances (whoa, douchebag time?). As I got to know some of them, I realized that courting-slash-flirting is always on their minds. And here comes Mr. Stalker and Mr. Secret Admirer. In this bout, Mr. Stalker is obviously the underdog. He’s the one perceived as an obsessed freak who’s willing to go on world’s end just to “say his feelings.” Mr. Secret Admirer, on the other hand, is the hellishly handsome guy who just happens to have a huge crush on you.

I have always thought that women classify whether you’re a stalker or a secret admirer based solely on your looks. If you’re ugly (by their standards), then you’re a stalker. If you are a perfect specimen, then you’re a secret admirer. That makes sense because you wouldn’t want an eye sore watching your every move, right? As it turned out, I’m just partly correct. I believe that I have underestimated women’s instincts. I’m completely blown away by their ability to tell if a person’s going to jive with them or not. It’s like they have magic with hormones as catalysts.

Because it’s woman instinct that dictates whether you’re a stalker or not. However, I believe in logic and evidence, so I believe that there’s a set of parameters that classifies a man to whichever category.

What makes someone a stalker or secret admirer?

*No, the Stalker being discussed here is not the one in the textbook definition.


3 thoughts on “Love Series: Part 2

  1. haha!courting-slash-flirting is always on their minds, really? I'm glad you're being enlightened, in some ways, by hanging out with your gurlfriends. ^.^ Yeah, we're not that superficial. there's just something about a guy's face structure that tells you at first glance if he's a weirdo or something. haha! 😛

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